Service & Renovation Partners

We’re hiring!

At Kairos Living, our service and renovation partners are essential to our success. Without you, we can’t ensure that our homes are in tip-top shape for our residents from day one.

With our rapidly expanding portfolio of homes across the nation, we’re looking for experienced local, regional, and multi-regional service and renovation partners with a passion for quality and customer service.

Come grow with us. 

About Kairos Living

Hello. We’re glad you’re here.

Kairos Living provides high-quality, technology-driven single family rental (SFR) homes to thousands of people across the nation.

We’re pretty new but really smart.

Founded in 2019, Kairos Living is revolutionizing the fragmented, inefficient SFR industry using our proprietary technology-driven approach. Basically, we’re using tech to make it easier for people to find, lease and enjoy their new homes.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our management team—with over 60 years of combined industry experience—paired with old-fashioned hard work and an entrepreneurial culture, has allowed to us rapidly expand. We’re forging new partnerships and adding thousands of new homes every year to our growing portfolio…the sky’s the limit!

Perks of Partnering with Us

Easy application process

Seamless, no fuss, no cost registration through our VendorCafe portal that allows for quick registration, so you can begin working as soon as possible.

No lowest-bid competition

Mutually agreed upon NTE (not-to-exceed) pricing so you can get the work done on the 1st trip.

Steady work + huge growth potential

Rapidly expanding portfolio of homes across the nation so you have a steady flow of local work and an opportunity to grow with us.

No advertising costs

We will send the business directly to you.

Purchase materials at a discounted rate

Negotiated national supply programs and preferential inventory so you can purchase materials at a discounted rate and get materials quickly.

Hassle-Free, quick payments

Streamlined payment process that pays you electronically in 30 days.

Free tech that simplifies your life

Streamlined work order and invoicing processes made possible by our secure vendor management system that is free to all our vendors.

Vendor Partner Requirements

All you need is…
1. Your W9 and tax ID information
2. Certificate of insurance for $1MM general liability

4 Simple Steps to Become a Vendor


Complete the Vendor Application Form.
You know all the answers to the questions. We promise!

We'll be in touch

A member of our Vendor Management team
will contact you within 2 business days.
We’re friendly…and fast!


You will receive an invitation to
register for our vendor management system.
Trust us! this system makes working with us a breeze.

Meet Our Team

After you’re registered, we will set up
a meet & greet with our Operations team.
These nice folks will be your main contacts out in the field.

Join Our Team

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